Lambeth Green Party Parliamentary Candidates 2019

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Jonathan Bartley, Dulwich and West Norwood

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I am co-leader of the Green Party, climate emergency, disability rights campaigner and Leader of the Opposition on Lambeth council. I am standing in the local area as the only MP candidate representing a party committed to Remaining in the European Union. The Lib Dems and Change UK are not standing in order to give Dulwich and West Norwood the opportunity to make history and elect London’s first Green Party MP.

I’m proud to have been chosen to fight this election for the Green Party in this key seat. This is an amazing opportunity to make history and elect London’s first Green MP. When I get to Parliament I will work hard for the people of Dulwich and West Norwood.

Dulwich and West Norwood is an amazing, vibrant place. We should be a beacon to the rest of the country and the world, showing how by working together we can solve the problems that sometimes seem insurmountable.

Our area is talented, hard-working, imaginative, and kind, and these are the values I will try to bring as your MP. I’m a good listener, and I have an open mind. I care about people and I will always do my best to help.

As your MP, I would work for you. Green MPs aren’t whipped, so my career isn’t reliant on toeing a party line. I won’t be bought, bribed or bullied into backing a leader I don’t believe in. I would be free to listen to my constituents and vote with my conscience.

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Scott Ainslie, Streatham

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I am a local councillor and MEP with a proven track record of delivering for the people of Streatham and London.

Some examples of my achievements are:

1.            Got Lambeth to be the first borough in London to declare a climate emergency;

2.            Opposed Lambeth children’s centre closures;

3.            Got Lambeth Council to ban single use plastics;

4.            Campaigned in Europe for an ambitious EU-wide response to the climate crisis

Remaining in the EU is by far the best deal for the UK, and I will continue to fight to stop Brexit with every fibre of my being and ensure that your voices are heard in Westminster loud and clear.

Streatham has been my home for over 20 years, my family are growing up here and it is my passion to make it a safer, cleaner, greener and fairer place to live, work and thrive.

The Streatham constituency needs a strong local and honest MP, who has been a long-term campaigner for Streatham and who will stick around to see a positive vision delivered for everyone here. 

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Jacqueline Bond, Vauxhall


I grew up in West Norwood and Lewisham, and went to university to study Neuroscience as I wanted to go into scientific research. Instead I started an educational business when I was 22, working independently, as well as teaching in classes and Special Educational Needs classes in schools around Lambeth and Southwark. At the same time I started researching and writing for a mental health awareness charity about the side effects of medication. Since 2015 I have dedicated my work to the environment and education, after realising the manmade impact of our emissions and ecological footprint on the planet.


I started volunteering for the Green Party in 2015 in Southwark, principally based on my concerns for the environment, and to try help the Greens gain support in the General Election. In 2016, it was all about Brexit and I backed Remain by campaigning, leafletting and protesting - as I didn’t want to see my European friends feel threatened in this country, and saw the hostile and racist atmosphere the campaign was creating. Brexit has already been a disaster and seen the departure of many EU citizens who feel unwelcome, and has wasted so much money and time when we have countless other issues in our country and world.

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