Green Party candidates announced for 2018 Local Elections

 Lambeth Greens at election count

At the council elections on Thursday 3rd May, The Green Party will be standing 61 candidates across 21 wards in Lambeth. Find out more about who they are and how they will work for you below.


The Greens Are Lambeth's Second Biggest Political Party


The Green Party commanded the second biggest vote share in Lambeth in the 2014 local elections, winning a seat in the St Leonard’s Ward and being only within a few dozen votes of winning elsewhere. More recently, in 2016 they only missed out on winning a by-election in Gipsy Hill – Labour’s safest seat locally - by 36 votes.

The Greens can win in Lambeth, and are the only serious alternative to Labour in a large number of wards.


Scott Ainslie - Save Brixton Arches

A One-Party Monopoly On The Council Won't Deliver For Lambeth


Labour presently hold all but four of the seats in the Lambeth Council chamber. 

Labour’s dominance of council business has resulted in deeply unpopular political decisions being passed, from the demolition of council estates to the closure of libraries. Lambeth is also the second most polluted borough in London, with its unclean air creating health difficulties for many families locally.  

Lambeth Council requires more opposition and scrutiny, not less. A council dominated by one party will lead to decisions being “rubber stamped” in the council chamber and a reduction in the number of consultations with local citizens. That’s not good for democracy, and it won’t lead to the right decisions being taken for the people of Lambeth, or in local people getting the best value for money.



Political Map of Lambeth post 2014 elections


We Have Clear, Achievable Priorities For Lambeth


The Green Party have produced a factsheet showing their priorities for Lambeth. They include:

  • creating new and renewed homes with 65% genuinely affordable housing with 50% at council rent
  • a full library service
  • prioritising local shops and businesses
  • sound council finances 
  • ensuring Lambeth has protected green spaces, cleaner air, better transport, and cleaner and greener streets.


Streatham Team at Streatham Station


The Green Party Are Experienced Campaigners On Local Issues


The Green Party are leading the way locally, and have the skills and knowledge to build a better, fairer and more inclusive Lambeth, listening and consulting with residents.

Our candidates are effective local campaigners working hard all year round delivering on issues such as council estate demolitions, libraries, safer roads, and protecting our parks and green spaces.

Among those standing are:

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party nationally, standing in St Leonard's ward

Scott Ainslie, councillor in St Leonard's since 2014

Pete Elliott, libraries and housing campaigner, who came within 36 votes of winning the 2016 Gipsy Hill by-election, nearly overturning Labour's safest seat

Gerlinde Gniewosz and Andy Plant in Tulse Hill ward, leaders of the campaign to save Cressingham Gardens from demolition

Becca Thackray, who was Green Party councillor in Herne Hill from 2006-2010

Matt Reynolds and Nick Christian, libraries campaigners in Herne Hill

Community organisers Rashid Nix and Michael Groce in Coldharbour ward

Michael Keane in Oval, campaigner for transparency in local government. 

Chris Holt, organiser of the Safer A23 Campaign in Streatham Hill

A complete list of candidates can be found here.