Greens pledge support for Lambeth's migrant communities following EU referendum vote

29 June 2016

Lambeth Green Party has pledged to fight to protect Lambeth's migrant communities and celebrate Lambeth's multicultural identity following last Thursday's EU referendum vote.

Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie said: "In the wake of the EU referendum and reports of an increase in hate crimes, the Green Party reaffirms its absolute support for Lambeth's migrant communities.  Lambeth's celebration of difference and its diversity is one of the things that makes this borough great.

"There has been a worrying rise over the last decade of anti-migrant feeling, fueled by parties on both the Right and Left who have pandered to UKIP's agenda.  The Greens are proud to speak out against it, as we were before the referendum (1).  It is more important than ever in the current climate that we continue to do so.

"It is no coincidence that Lambeth, being one of the countries most diverse boroughs, was also the place which returned the UK's biggest vote in favour of remaining in the EU. Freedom of movement is something to be celebrated.  We are stronger together, and the greater our diversity, the more understanding of difference we are. The Green Party 
has always been united in this belief and we will consistently say so loudly and proudly."


1. Before the referendum, Lambeth's Green Party's Jonathan Bartley 
appeared on the BBC's Sunday Politics, affirming Lambeth's diversity and 
welcome for migrants (7 mins in)


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07771 598097

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