Green victory in Lambeth as council dumps dirty parks vehicles

15 May 2017

Following pressure from Lambeth Green Party, Lambeth Council has revealed plans to replace its existing fleet of parks maintenance vehicles with lower emission models which meet the Euro 6 standard. (1)
The oldest of the 34 vehicles being replaced are mostly much of the much lower Euro 3 and 4 standard, and none were acquired more recently than eight years ago, with several dating back to 2002. Replacing these with Euro 6 standard equivalents is calculated to reduce the council’s NOx emissions by approximately 280kg per year. The vehicles will be purchased outright for an expected cost of £1.326m
The Green Party has been calling for the council to “clean up its act” 
several years (2). In January, in a formal response to Lambeth’s Air Quality Action Plan, the council’s proposals to reduce air pollution in the borough were branded “lukewarm and lacklustre”. (3)
Air pollution, from sources such as diesel engines, is estimated to be responsible for as many as 10,000 premature deaths in London each year. Lambeth is one of the most polluted boroughs in the capital, with Brixton Road breaching EU air quality limits for the entire year in the first five days of 2017. (4)
While welcoming the decision to invest in cleaner vehicles, The Green Party at the same time urged the council to go even further, and do away with diesel engines altogether.
Nicole Griffiths, Green Party candidate for Streatham in the upcoming General Election, said: “Our green spaces are supposed to be bastions of health and wellbeing so it is good to see that Lambeth is coming round to The Green Party’s way of thinking. Although the new vehicles represent a step in the right direction, it is disappointing that so many of them will be diesel models, when electric and hybrid versions are available and would make a dramatic, rather than piecemeal difference.”
Lambeth Green Party Councillor Scott Ainslie said: “Poor air quality is the second biggest killer in Lambeth, which is the borough with some of the worst air quality in the UK. It is welcome that Lambeth Council are finally taking some responsibility by updating its fleet. This is, however, long overdue and there is much more to do. We will continue to push the Council to take action.”
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