Lambeth Labour Bow To Green Pressure To Support EU Freedom of Movement

1 November 2017

At the Lambeth Council meeting on 18th October, Lambeth Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie successfully forced an amendment to Labour’s motion to protect the rights of existing EU nationals, extending it to support overall freedom of movement.
At a national level, the Labour Party has announced that “freedom of movement will end with Brexit” [1]. Councillor Ainslie’s intervention has ensured that the Labour dominated Lambeth Council, serving the most pro-Remain borough in the United Kingdom, has broken from the national party line.
In his speech at the meeting, Scott Ainslie said:
“It shouldn’t be radical to say we should allow the next generation to enjoy the rights, freedoms and prosperity we enjoyed. For the sake of our economy, our public services, and the enrichment of our culture and society and moreover for the sake of basic decency, I call on my Labour colleagues to... oppose this government’s cynical and damaging plans to end Freedom of Movement.”
Following his successful intervention, Councillor Scott Ainslie said:
"Labour is a divided party and it's in Lambeth that this division is most stark. Without the Greens holding Labour's feet to the fire on issues such as protecting the freedom of movement of EU nationals, Lambeth Labour would have ducked the issue.
Whether it is opposing Lambeth Council’s reckless destruction of council and co-operative housing, dismal record on tackling air pollution, unnecessary library closures,  or widespread financial mismanagement, the role of Greens in challenging Labour is more important than ever."
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