New Release: Greens demand Lambeth Council do more to protect school children from poisonous air

3 November 2017

Following new guidance issued by the National Education Union and the British Lung Foundation, The Green Party has renewed calls on Lambeth Council to do more to protect the borough’s children from the harm caused by air pollution.
The document states that “air pollution can stunt the growth of babies' and children's lungs. It can put them at risk from long-term lung damage, both at school and as they travel to school.” [1]
Recommendations include the installation of air pollution monitors at schools, to tell them them when pollution is worst, in order to inform decisions about the scheduling of outdoor classes such as PE.
On several occasions in recent years, The Green Party has urged Lambeth Council to take action to monitor air quality around schools and nurseries, as well as to come clean" to the public of the dangers of pollution in the borough. [2]
In July 2014 the Labour-controlled council deleted references to the risks faced by children at Lambeth schools from a motion put forward to Lambeth’s full Council meeting. [3] Labour also opposed Green Party proposals to put cheap diffusion tubes (air pollution monitors) outside schools.
A Greenpeace study, released in April 2017, identified 48 nursery schools in Lambeth within 150m of a road which breaches legal nitrogen dioxide limits - the third highest of any local authority in the country. [4]
Lambeth Green Party campaigner Nicole Griffiths said:
“It is beyond a tragedy that instead of taking serious steps to reduce air pollution, we are forcing schools and children to protect themselves from it by staying inside. Monitoring air pollution is cheap, easy and absolutely the least Lambeth can do.
Perhaps once teachers and parents understand the magnitude of the dangers our children are exposed to every single day, the council and Mayor of London will be forced to take real action towards detoxifying this city.”
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