Lambeth The Second Worst Borough In London For Air Pollution

14 November 2017

A recent report from the Mayor of London’s office shows that Lambeth Council is the second worst borough in London for air pollution, failing on all four of its monitored objectives.
The document, “Local Authorities and Air Quality”, starkly underlines known problems with the quality of the air in the Lambeth area, where schools recently gave parents advice on pollution face masks for their children [1].
The key areas Lambeth Council is failing on are:
  • Not reaching its objectives on annual and hourly levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and for annual and daily levels of PM10. The only other London borough to miss these objectives is the City of London.
  • Lambeth is one of only 4 (out of 33) London boroughs described as having "no progress" on NO2.
  • Lambeth is described as having "limited progress" on PM10 levels. Only the City of London is worse, described as having "no progress".
  • 22 boroughs out of 33 have exceeded the UK objective for hourly mean levels of NO2 - of which Lambeth is one.
  • Of the boroughs reporting PM10 levels, Lambeth and the City of London are the only two who have exceeded the annual target, and Lambeth is one of only three that exceeded the daily target rate. [2]
In addition to these issues, Lambeth is the only Central London council besides Westminster not to report pollution data from diffusion tube sites.
Green Party Campaigner Nick Christian has said: “This report sheds clear, damning sunlight on Lambeth’s filthy environment. As well as there being no improvements in Lambeth’s air quality, which is having an appalling effect on the health of people in the area, Lambeth are also not taking the problem seriously. Diffusion tube sites are an incredibly cheap and effective way of monitoring local pollution issues, and not something we would expect a council with known issues to ignore.
Lambeth Greens have asked the council on numerous occasions to monitor air pollution, especially near schools and nurseries [4]. They need to step up and take this matter seriously – continuing to ignore the problem is a grotesque violation of the health and well-being of all their residents”.


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