Lambeth Greens Demand Action On Delayed Brixton Low Emission Bus Zone

24 November 2017

Lambeth Green Party are demanding answers of Sadiq Khan and the GLA after the Brixton low emission bus zone was not launched in October [1] as promised, with no further public announcements made on its fate.

The plan for the low emission bus zones across London was rolled out with a loud fanfare on 9th March this year, with promises that the zones would “represent the most extensive network of clean buses of any major world city” [2]. These were proposed to reduce the levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution, which the older buses in TfL’s fleet contribute heavily towards.

The Brixton to Streatham low emission zone was due to cover Brixton Hill via Stockwell Road and Streatham High Road to Streatham Place, but at present, it is still served by the old bus fleet. The Mayor of London’s office are responding to queries to the effect that it will be launched “by the end of the year”, with no precise date offered.

Lambeth Green Party Campaigner Nicole Griffiths (pictured), who was the party's candidate for Streatham in this year's General Election, commented: “For something which was announced with such passion, enthusiasm and zeal, the follow-up responses to this project have been closer to quiet shoulder shrugs. If there are delays with the project for any reason, the people of Lambeth are owed an explanation. We have been on the receiving end of long, dragging delays for urgent transport projects before now, with improvements to the High Road held off until Summer 2019 [3]. Nobody could be blamed for feeling worried about this missed deadline.

Sadiq Khan’s comments about the necessity of this work are entirely accurate. There are few places that need it more than Lambeth, the second most polluted borough in London, whose council are also completely failing to reach their objectives on nitrogen dioxide pollution reduction [4] [5]. What we urgently need from Sadiq and the GLA are not vague assurances, but firm launch dates followed up with clear action on the new Brixton to Streatham low emissions zone”.








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