Green Party calls for full, transparent consultation over Brockwell Park festivals

7 December 2017

Following reports that Brockwell Park will be used as the venue for both Field Day and Love Box festivals in 2018, the Green Party has called on Lambeth Council to extend the consultation period, understood to be ending on December 10th, in order to give locals time to have a say in the process.

The Green Party campaigners insist the council should fully inform local residents and park users as to organisers’ plans, as well as be open about the council’s own calculated costs and benefits of bringing the festivals to the park. The Green Party has a history of opposing the privatisation of public spaces. [1]

Both annual events have been held in Tower Hamlets’ Victoria Park since their inception. Field Day first took place in 2007, while Lovebox has been going since 2002.

Herne Hill Green Party campaigner Nick Christian, who lives on one of the roads bordering Brockwell Park, said: “Once again Lambeth council has kept residents completely in the dark about a matter of high importance, and which will have a profound effect on their lives in the event these festivals go ahead. This is not something that should happen behind closed doors. It is not something that should be rushed.

Furthermore it should not be up to local people to submit Freedom of Information requests and dig through complicated online documents to get any sort of answers. The council should be knocking on our doors.

Our parks are some of the few free public spaces we have, and absolutely vital to the health and well-being of our community. The summer months are when they come into their own. To hand them over to music festivals for a great swathe of the summer without properly consulting residents and park users first, no matter how great the financial compensation, is inexcusable. They are entitled to have a say.”

Green Party Councillor Scott Ainslie said: "Our parks needs to be used by everyone, looked after for everyone, and everyone should have a proper say in how our parks are used. It is unacceptable to say ‘no decision has been made’ and ‘we are consulting residents’ while events are being promoted and tickets are sold.[2]

This appears to be yet another sham ‘consultation’ from Labour-led Lambeth Council. We need total transparency on the finances for these proposed events including how money is being spent and what benefits our parks and local communities would see.”



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