Lambeth's Second Biggest Party Announces Candidates For May Local Election Breakthrough

9 April 2018

The Green Party today announces the names of 61 candidates [1] who will be contesting the local council elections in Lambeth on May 3rd. It features well-known local champions involved in campaigns to save Cressingham Gardens and Central Hill estates, libraries, parks, and campaigns to improve air quality, and road safety. You can read more details about the campaign here

In Coldharbour ward, the Green Party will be standing two candidates alongside the Independent, and former Labour, Councillor Rachel Heywood, whose open letter on Friday [2] bravely challenged Lambeth Labour's command and control approach to local government. The Green Party shares with Rachel Heywood strong opposition to Lambeth Labour's policies of closing local library services, bulldozing estates against residents' wishes and cutting public services.

Among those standing for the Green Party on May 3rd are:

· Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party nationally, standing in St Leonard's ward.

· Scott Ainslie, councillor in St Leonard's since 2014

· Gerlinde Gniewosz and Andy Plant in Tulse Hill ward, key members of the campaign to save Cressingham Gardens from demolition

· Pete Elliott, libraries and housing campaigner, who narrowly missed winning the 2016 Gipsy Hill by-election in what was Labour's safest seat

· Becca Thackray, who was Green Party councillor in Herne Hill 2006-10

· Matt Reynolds and Nick Christian, libraries and parks campaigners in Herne Hill

· Community organisers Rashid Nix and Michael Groce in Coldharbour ward

· Michael Keane in Oval, campaigner for transparency in local government

· Chris Holt, organiser of the Safer A23 Campaign, in Streatham Hill

The Green Party achieved the second biggest vote share in the borough in 2014, and came within 36 votes of winning a 2016 by-election in Gipsy Hill [3]. They are expected to make significant breakthroughs in May.

Jonathan Bartley said: "I'm proud to be standing for election in May. This is an exciting time for the Green Party and we are looking to shake up Lambeth's complacency, with significant gains in council seats. Doing so would change the dynamic of politics in Lambeth completely.

"Labour has ridden roughshod over the wishes of local people. We will push for the local community to be consulted properly on the kinds of decisions which have blighted the area over the last four years, from council estate demolition plans to the closure of libraries.

"We're the second biggest party locally and voting for us will ensure that Lambeth does not continue as a one-party state whose councillors rubber-stamp decisions and simply bow their knees to the local Labour Party whip. We will ensure all proposals are properly debated and scrutinised.

"Lambeth also needs cleaning up literally as well as politically - whether that be the fly-tipping that blights our streets or the deadly pollution in our air - and we will bring the change needed to end Lambeth's reputation as London's dirtiest borough".

Caroline Lucas, co-leader, who will be in Lambeth supporting the campaign on Wednesday 11th April, said that the Lambeth branch of the party can "make sure that the Labour councillors... are held to account. Just a handful of councillors can do that. One single councillor in the Wirrall has managed to leverage the pension fund out of fossil fuels and into clean energy.

"Never let anyone say that one or two Green councillors can't make a difference. They can transform a council, change the centre of gravity in a council and give people hope".

[1] A complete list of Green candidates standing across the borough can be found here:,_2018



[4] Ten 'People's Priorities' from Lambeth Green Party's candidates here:'%20Priorities%202018.pdf

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