After Field Day withdraws from Brockwell Park, Green Party calls for review of council events policy

16 October 2018

Lambeth Green Party councillors have welcomed the decision by the organisers of the Field Day music festival not to apply for a licence to hold the 2019 event in Brockwell Park. The councillors, who lead the opposition on Lambeth Council, have also called for the Culture 2020 plans which gave the go-ahead for Lambeth’s large parks to be used for such events, to be scrapped.


After it emerged over the weekend that Field Day would not be applying for a licence for 2019 [1], Lambeth Council confirmed the reports on Monday stating that: “Field Day will not take place at Brockwell Park in 2019, as the festival is being re-formatted for a unique new site in London."


It is understood that the Mighty Hoopla, a predominantly LGBT event which was headlined in 2018 by TLC and Lily Allen, and which is owned by a different company, East Creative, will be applying for a licence to bring the festival back to Brockwell Park in 2019.


Lambeth Council is due to hold “drop-in” feedback sessions at Gallery 198 on Railton Road on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. [2]


Herne Hill Councillor Becca Thackray (Green Party) said:


“Field Day’s decision to hold the festival in a more suitable location is the right one, for them and for the people of Herne Hill. While I commend the organisers for their efforts to minimise the disruption to the area in May, it was always going to be impossible to simultaneously satisfy paying festival-goers and meet the needs of local residents.


“Lambeth Council must now demonstrate that they have learned from the mistakes that were made which allowed Field Day to come in the first place. It is evident that the Culture 2020 is not fit for purpose. definitions are too vague and leave local people completely in the dark as to what the real world outcomes would be. The plan ought to be scrapped. This now provides an opportunity for the council to rework its events policy on a park-by-park rather than blanket, one-size fits all basis. That is how Lambeth will re-engage with the community and restore the public’s faith in how it operates.


“The Green Party’s position on this remains what it has been from the start: That an event of this scale and impact is not right for Brockwell Park, and that before making a decision to hold any major event in a public space there must be a genuine effort to consult with the community it will affect. In addition we now insist that such events will be of demonstrable benefit to local businesses and people, and that any profits from such events will clearly go to the parks themselves.”


Jonathan Bartley, Leader of the Opposition in Lambeth and co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales said:


“Two different festival organisers have now found that it is entirely inappropriate for large scale music events to be held in Brockwell Park. It’s time Lambeth Council caught up and stopped pimping out our public spaces. Our common land should be used well, and that means that it must be protected from damage, accessible to all, and the health and wellbeing and residents must come first when events are put on.


"The Council's failure to provide residents with adequate information at feedback sessions - for example that Field Day had already decided to go elsewhere - demonstrates once again how much it needs to do to win back trust.  The public perception it is of secret maneuverings and a lack of openness, rather than a willingness to work with local people over how our precious green spaces are used.”







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