Green Party responds to Lambeth's Draft Transport Strategy

16 December 2018

Lambeth Green Party has responded with criticism to Lambeth Council’s Draft Transport Strategy.


In its formal submission to the consultation, which closes on Monday the party states that while the Greens are “encouraged by the overall direction of this draft transport strategy… the actual targets set out by Lambeth are nowhere near ambitious enough.”


The Green Party calls on Lambeth to make “a much more visionary commitment to reducing air pollution and traffic levels on roads under Lambeth control in order to make the roads safer and more accessible for those cycling and walking.”


The response points to Waltham Forest’s “mini-Holland” (now known as Liveable Neighbourhoods), which a recent study found to have extended the life expectancy of Waltham Forest residents by at least seven months in the short time since its implementation, as an ambitious example to be followed. [1]


Among other measures, the Green Party calls on Lambeth to:


- Make a much stronger commitment to reducing the number of cars on the roads: making car-free alternatives far more appealing options
- Bring in a workplace parking levy, to disincentive people from driving to work, and to roll out Controlled Parking Zones across the whole borough.
- Introduce road closures around all schools in the borough

Green Councillor Pete Elliott (Gipsy Hill) said:

“There is almost nothing in Lambeth’s Transport Plan that suggests the council is serious about encouraging and enabling people to switch their cars for sustainable, active modes of transport. The direction might be the right one but the speed of movement, unlike on Lambeth’s roads, is far too slow. It’s time to stop tinkering around the edges and enact real change.   


“The recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report said that we have just twelve years to avert a climate emergency. In its current form, the Transport Plan demonstrates that Lambeth council has fundamentally failed to recognize the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in.”


Councillor Nicole Griffiths (St Leonards) added:

“With the potential benefits that would accrue to the entire community - individuals and businesses - as well as the contribution to the climate emergency - there is no downside to going much further than Lambeth have. Less polluted streets are more pleasant to spend time in, they encourage people to walk and cycle which is good for their general health, and make them more likely to stop and spend money on local services rather than massive international chains.”

You can respond to Lambeth's draft transport strategy here. The consultation closes on Monday 17th December at 11pm.





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