Council draft local plan is failing the most vulnerable in Lambeth

27 December 2018

Lambeth Green Party has responded to the council’s consultation on their draft local plan with concerns that housing targets for those most in need will not be met. They have also criticised the council for not setting ambitious enough targets for making the borough more accessible for residents with disabilities.


The consultation, which closed on Monday, was a chance for those living and working in Lambeth to have their say on future developments in the borough, including on transport, housing and parks. In their formal submission, the Green Party say they have “major concerns that many of the policies do not go far enough to truly reduce inequality and build a strong and sustainable neighbourhood as they claim to do”.


The party also expressed their disappointment that the draft plan does not do enough to address the environmental impacts of new developments in the borough. They urge Lambeth Council to work towards becoming a carbon neutral borough by 2030, stating that “at a time when the world’s leading climate scientists have warned us that we have just 12 years to limit climate catastrophe, Lambeth must take drastic and innovative measures to mitigate against the detrimental environmental impact of new developments”.


The Greens also highlight the need to deliver truly affordable, social housing and call on Lambeth to scrap their estate regeneration programme and instead invest in refurbishing existing council housing and infilling unused spaces on estates and other land.


Green Councillor Pete Elliott (Gipsy Hill) commented:


“The draft local plan unfortunately shows the council’s complete disregard for their most vulnerable residents. Instead of investing in existing houses, they are pursuing a programme of estate demolition which is destroying homes and communities. Estate demolition also has huge environmental costs as embodied carbon is released from buildings when they are knocked down.The council needs to be much bolder and more innovative to deliver services and housing for its residents, there needs to be some radical changes to this draft plan to do this.”


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