“Council leader’s legacy will be managed decline, social cleansing and a £100m Town Hall at a time of cuts” say Greens

15 January 2019


Labour Councillor and Leader of the Council Lib Peck is set to resign from her position at Lambeth Council for a job at the Greater London Authority (GLA), it was announced yesterday. Her new role will see her head up the Mayor of London’s new Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) at a salary of £100,000-plus. [1]


Councillor Peck has been Leader at Lambeth since 2012 during which the Council has faced much controversy including accusations of institutional racism [2] and criticism over their handling of the Lambeth Children’s Home Redress Scheme for survivors of historic child sexual abuse. Peck herself was subject to public backlash over Lambeth’s Redress Scheme in particular and was faced with chants of “Lib Peck out” at the May 2018 Full Council meeting. [3]


Peck announced her resignation on Twitter yesterday, before most councillors or council officers had officially been informed of her departure. Green Councillor Jonathan Bartley (St Leonard’s) responded to the news saying:


“Whilst I congratulate Lib on the new job, I am seriously disappointed that this news wasn’t shared with councillors or officers before it was announced. Lambeth is a fantastic borough but it needs proper leadership, not uncertainty and incompetence. Two by-elections will now have to happen separately in the same ward which will cost the council more time and money. The last six years, under Lib’s leadership, have seen a managed decline in Lambeth. Sadly, her legacy will be a £100m Town Hall at a time when Lambeth's most vulnerable are suffering.”


Speaking on Councillor Peck’s work, Green Councillor Nicole Griffiths (St Leonard’s) said:


“Lib Peck’s track record of tackling serious street violence in Lambeth does not bode well for her new responsibility of addressing violence across the capital. Between 2016 and 2018 Lambeth saw a 35% increase in Serious Youth Violence, at the same time Lambeth Labour, led by Lib, are proposing cuts to Children’s Centres and failing to invest in local communities. Early help for children and support in the community are both essential when taking the ‘Public health’ approach to tackling violence. The £100,000 salary would be better spent on desperately needed services for children and young people.”








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