Lambeth Council offered clean, green, anti-austerity budget

6 February 2019

Green Group counter Lambeth Labour’s budget of cuts with funding for Children’s Centres, a workplace parking levy, reigning in spending on additional council allowances and a four-day week for Lambeth Council employees.

The Green Party’s alternative budget will be debated at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 13th February and include proposals to cut Special Responsibility Allowances for councillors, saving over £1m over the next four years, and to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy scheme which is anticipated to generate almost £1m per year to be spent on tackling air pollution in the borough.

As the official opposition in Lambeth, the Green Party will present their budget as an alternative to Lambeth Labour’s proposals which will see cuts to Children’s Centres and a reduction in support for those with disabilities.

The Green’s budget also includes proposals to move Lambeth council employees to a four day week to boost productivity and the establishment of a new housing unit to compulsorily purchase empty properties, which would then be rented out at Living Rent levels.

Green Group leader Councillor Jonathan Bartley said:

“The Green Party’s opposition budget shows that there is an alternative to Lambeth Labour’s regime of austerity and policy of cutting services that support the most vulnerable residents. This is a budget which shows that it is entirely possible to protect vital services like children’s centres, provide more truly affordable housing and clean up Lambeth’s air with the right political will.

“Lambeth Labour boasted about freezing council tax between 2009 and 2015. This was a failure of both political judgement and leadership as the Green Party said at the time, leaving the council with fewer options as austerity continued to bite. If the Council had not taken the Conservative/Lib Dem bribes and thought about the long-term future of Lambeth residents - it would now have an additional £9.6m a year in council tax revenue. Lambeth Labour failed to listen to the Greens back then, let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake again.”


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