‘Get off the fence’ over climate emergency Council told

14 March 2019

Green Party urges Lambeth Council to break its deafening silence and get behind young people who are staging tomorrow’s school climate change strike.


Green councillors have urged Lambeth Council to break its “deafening silence” over the school climate strike due to take place tomorrow.


Students and young people across the UK are set to go on strike for a second time on March 15th to demand urgent action from the Government on climate change. [1]


Leader of the Lambeth Green Group, Councillor Jonathan Bartley, wrote to the council Leader and Chief Executive of the Council over a month ago asking them to support the strike and to “carefully consider any pupil absences as a result of their climate strike action and take into account the positive learning experience from their citizens’ action”.[2]


Local councils across the UK including Glasgow and Edinburgh have since announced that students missing school to take part in the global climate protests will not face punishment. [3]


But to date there has been no official response from Lambeth Council. The Green Party understands that Lambeth Council will not be following the lead of other councils, instead choosing to duck the issue.


Lambeth recently made history by becoming the first local authority in London to declare a climate emergency following a motion proposed by Green Party councillors.


Councillor Jonathan Bartley (St Leonard’s) said:


“Lambeth Council took a bold step earlier this year in backing the Green Party’s motion to declare a climate emergency and committing to carbon neutrality by 2030.  But this is simply empty rhetoric if it’s not followed through with meaningful support for Lambeth’s young people who are doing the right thing. Either climate change is an emergency or it isn’t. It’s time for Labour politicians in the borough to get off the fence and walk the talk, and back the young people who are striking.  


“Green councillors in Lambeth are clear that we are behind the young people 100% and support what they are doing. Young people are showing leadership while many politicians would rather continue to duck the issue for fear of causing upset.  Together we will continue to work to push the council to be far more ambitious and radical in the fight against climate catastrophe.”


[1] https://www.standard.co.uk/futurelondon/cleanair/school-climate-change-strike-march-15-uk-greta-thunberg-students-protest-global-warming-a4092071.html







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