Caroline Lucas to visit Southwark and Lambeth on the Eve of Euros Poll

21 May 2019

Caroline Lucas MP will visit some of the strongest remain areas in the country on the eve of poll, to get the message out that in London voting Green is the way to back remain and a people’s vote.


Scott Ainslie and Gulnar Hasnain, who top the Green Party list in London, will show Caroline round their home boroughs, talking to residents about the issues they face and galvanising Green Party activists.


Lambeth is the most pro-remain area of the UK  (bar Gibraltar), with 78.6% voting remain in 2016. Gipsy Hill, once solidly Labour (until 2016 the safest ward in Lambeth) has seen a massive swing to the Greens, electing a Green councillor in May 2018, and is turning Greener for the Euros because of Labour's confused messaging on Brexit.

On the same day in Southwark, Caroline will visit Goose Green Primary School green screen,which local Green Party members helped to install and theCentre for Wildlife Gardening on Marsden Road.


Caroline Lucas is focusing her energy this week in London, where the Green Party were third in the London Mayoral elections in 2016 and in 2012. The Green Party is the only pro-Remain party that already has an MEP in London and it expects to do particularly well in South London.


Caroline Lucas said: “London is a progressive city which cares about the biggest challenge facing us all: climate change.  It’s also a remain city which values freedom of movement.  The Green Party has the clearest message on why Britain should remain in the EU for all the benefits it brings, not just to London, but the whole country.”

Green Party Councillor Pete Elliott said: “Here in Gipsy Hill we tell a story that is happening all over London: people are turning away from Labour and voting in numbers for the Greens. Here in Lambeth we are the second biggest party and offer a clear message to vote Yes to Europe and No to climate chaos.”


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