‘A Green in the room changes everything’ claim Lambeth opposition

13 June 2019

Lambeth Greens have welcomed a commitment by Lambeth Labour to hold a citizen’s assembly, claiming that “a Green in the room changes everything”.


Councillor Claire Holland, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Clean Air, announced yesterday that she was committed to holding a Lambeth Citizen’s Assembly to help tackle the climate emergency (declared by the Council in January this year).[1]


Councillor Holland’s announcement came after Councillor Jonathan Bartley, Leader of the Green Group at Lambeth, asked the council to explore the idea of a citizen’s assembly at a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee last week.[2] Greens across the country, along with Extinction Rebellion, have also been joining the call for citizen’s assemblies to tackle some of the most controversial issues faced by society including Brexit and the climate crisis.[3][4][5]


The Green Party were elected as the official opposition in Lambeth during the May 2019 elections which saw them increase their number of councillors from 1 to 5. Since then they claim to have seen a noticeable shift in Lambeth Council towards a greener and more sustainable approach.


Councillor Jonathan Bartley (St Leonard’s) said:


“Over the past five years in Lambeth we’ve shown what a difference Greens on the Council can make. With Scott as our lone Green councillor from 2014 to 2018 we made huge progress including a commitment to end the use of single use plastics in Lambeth and the replacement of council vehicles with lower emission models.


“With five Greens on the Council, we’re able to make even more of a difference- in the last year alone we’ve seen the Council declare a climate emergency, commit to carbon neutrality by 2030 and now agree to the idea of a citizen’s assembly. A Green in the room truly does change everything. We will be holding Lambeth Labour to account on their commitments and will continue to encourage them towards a greener way of thinking.”




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[5] https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/demands/

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