Statement from Jonathan Bartley on standing to be the MP for Dulwich and West Norwood as part of Unite to Remain (the 'Remain Alliance')

8 November 2019

I am delighted to have been selected as the Remain candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood but standing aside is never easy. So I pay tribute to my Lib Dem counterpart who has agreed here in Dulwich it will be the Green Party fighting the Remain corner. In many other seats Greens have decided to stand aside for a Lib Dem candidate. This is grown-up non-partisan politics and is the right thing to do both for the local area and for the country.


We cannot escape the fact that this election is above all about the climate crisis and Remaining in the European Union is vital to keep environmental protections and work constructively with our European neighbours.  So it is vital to unite to stop this disastrous Tory crash-out. We must make sure we send enough MPs from staunchly pro-European parties to the House of Commons to end this Brexit nightmare once and for all. 


Earlier this year in the European Elections pro-European parties (The Greens, Lib Dem’s and Change UK) achieved a staggering 64% of the vote in Dulwich and West Norwood. Labour came in third place with 19%, the Brexit Party next with 10% and the Conservative Party was last on just 4%.  The Conservatives can’t win here in one of the most pro-Remain constituencies in the country.


In the European elections, we stood on a platform of defending worker’s rights, environmental protections, tacking the climate emergency and retaining freedom of movement. It’s is clear our unequivocal Remain stance is popular and supported locally. 


The Labour MP here has rightly supported remaining in the EU but the Labour Party has refused to say whether it will back Remain in a future referendum. 


Many people voted for Labour in 2017 thinking they were a Remain party, only finding the leadership using this to justify Brexit


Labour has consistently refused to support electoral alliances, preferring to continue with tribal politics than work for the common good. Neither have they committed to electoral reform to make all votes count. Whereas all the parties in Unite to Remain are committed to a proportional electoral system 


This must be the climate election. The climate emergency is the biggest threat facing the future of humanity. Labour’s policies on airport expansion, subsidies for fossil fuels, roadbuilding and the environmental vandalism of HS2 which wouldn’t be carbon neutral for 120 years, will not bring about the change we urgently need to see. The Green Party are the only party willing to take the bold action needed which is why we have committed to investing £100bn a year in transforming our economy and society to prevent climate chaos.


Lastly, I believe that Dulwich and West Norwood needs a MP who will stand up for local people against the Labour council’s devastating estate demolition programme which is causing misery for so many local people. I lead the official opposition on Lambeth Council, and I have seen how  local people on estates such as Central Hill are being neglected and left to suffer in terrible uncertainty as they fear for the loss of their homes and the break up of their community. It is shocking and completely unacceptable. They deserve a voice, and the Green Party will give it to them.

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