Greens celebrate best ever London election results in Lambeth and Southwark

10 May 2016

The Green Party is celebrating its best ever result in the London elections, indicating continued momentum and that a 'tipping point' in Green Party support is being reached in Lambeth.

It follows a breakthrough in the local elections in 2014, when Lambeth Green Party came second in the borough gaining more votes than the Conservatives and Lib Dems. There were also huge swings to the Green Party in Lambeth at the General Election in 2015.

The momentum continued at the 2016 London elections.  Across Lambeth and Southwark, the Green Party's Rashid Nix was the only candidate from the major parties whose vote share increased.  The Green Party vote went up by over 2%, with a record 25,793 votes for the candidate from Brixton. The vote shares for the Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative candidates all declined.

Green Party candidate Rashid Nix said: "The Green Party appears to be reaching a tipping point in Lambeth. There is a groundswell of support for the stand that the Green Party is taking to defend housing, save libraries and make our air cleaner.

"The vote is also a reflection that the Greens are representing local people against a Labour council that isn't listening. Lambeth Labour appears to be more concerned with opposing Jeremy Corbyn than supporting local people.

"Whether it be library closures, destruction of local communities and people's homes, or a failure to do the most basic things to improve air quality such as issue fines for engine idling around schools, local people are realising that Lambeth Labour isn't working for them."



Results can be seen here in full:

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