Green priorities in lambeth

Our Green Councillors are the official opposition on Labour-led Lambeth Council. They work tirelessly all year round for a safer, fairer, greener community for us all.

Much of their day-to-day work involves supporting residents of their wards who are having difficulties with housing, benefits, or any of the other daily problems we can all face.

As a team, Green Councillors also deal with issues which affect the whole borough of Lambeth. On this page you can read more about some of their main priorities.

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Get up to date information from Lambeth Council on support available to residents and businesses here.

You can also call the Lambeth Council coronavirus helpline (Mon - Sat, 9am to 6pm) on 020  7926 2999.

Lambeth Green Councillors are pushing the Council to protect residents, local businesses and key workers during the coronavirus pandemic and provide the maximum possible support.

It is widely acknowledged that people of BAME heritage are disproportionately at risk of dying from coronavirus. This has major implications for the diverse population of Lambeth. To address this, Green Councillors are advocating a “community shield” approach and a strategy of “Test, Trace, Isolate”. This is led by the science and best practice in other countries.

Green Councillors successfully pushed the Council to suspend any evictions for council tax arrears during the lockdown period. They are now pushing for the eviction ban to be extended for longer. Green Councillors have also fought to keep Lambeth’s parks and green spaces open during the lockdown. Households which do not have the luxury of a garden or other outdoor space should not be denied access to public green areas. This is essential for public mental and physical health. Green Councillors are also pushing for the Council to adopt an ambitious strategy of pavement widening, road closures and new cycle routes.

Increased rates of domestic and gender-based violence have been a hidden crisis within the crisis. If you need support, or are concerned about someone you know, you can contact Refuge's freephone 24-hour national domestic abuse helpline - 0808 2000 247.


Campaigners and residents of Cressingham Gardens prepare banners and placards for a demonstration against plans to demolish their 40 year old estate in Brixton, London. 11.10.2014.

Green Councillors are focused on ensuring high quality, genuinely affordable housing is available to every resident of Lambeth.

Together with local activists Green Councillors have been fighting a long battle against Council plans to demolish and sell off homes. This includes resisting the Council's plans to sell off Council homes in housing co-operatives to developers. They are also supporting residents' campaigns against the demolition of homes on six Lambeth estates.

Local residents have repeatedly opposed the plans but the Council is determined to force them through as part of its 'Homes for Lambeth' scheme. Green councillors have been supporting alternative plans, put forward by residents themselves, to build more genuinely affordable housing.

Green Councillors and Lambeth residents object to the existing Council plans because they do not increase the availability of genuinely affordable housing and will eliminate genuine Council housing. Non-essential demolition and construction work will also cause massive local air pollution and release tonnes of stored carbon into the atmosphere.


climate emergency

Lambeth has some of the most polluted air in the UK. Levels of air pollution in some parts of the borough are consistently over the legal limit. This has devastating environmental and public health impacts. The link between exposure to high levels of air pollution and risk of serious respiratory disease - including coronavirus - is clear.

Green Councillors have been working with local campaigners to force the Council to address this issue. This includes campaigning for reliable and constant monitoring of pollution levels in known hotspots, such as Brixton Road.

Green Party supporters in Windrush Square promoting the 'Breathi