Becca Thackray

Herne Hill Ward

Before becoming a Green Councillor, Becca Thackray worked as a teacher, police officer, social worker and nurse. She was also a Magistrate in Camberwell for 20 years. Becca's experience as a key worker in such a wide range of services means she truly understands the impacts of cost-cutting austerity measures in the public sector.

In 2006, Becca became Lambeth's first Green Councillor. During her first four years on the Council she achieved greater safety for cyclists and reduced pollution, as well as the creation of a  Farmer's Market and a pedestrianised shopping area. Becca also led the fight for Council employees to be paid the Lambeth Living Wage.

Becca is a member of the Planning Application Committee. She helps Lambeth residents challenge proposals which affect them. Becca also links up local traders, police and Council officers to help keep things running smoothly. She works hard for Lambeth residents who want to get things done and solve problems.

My earliest experiences as a campaigner were fighting battery hen farming and protesting at Greenham Common. I've seen that incremental change is possible and that there are many ways to bring about profound change.


Bec colouring in

You can contact Becca on issues relating to Herne Hill Ward or Lambeth Council.