Dzaier Neil

Candidate For Myatt's Fields

Dzaier Neil has lived in our ward for over 40 years. Combining a demanding job with Lambeth while winning Paralympic medals over multiple games, she knows how to tackle formidable challenges.

Dzaier is a full time wheelchair user and understands as much anyone the many issues faced by local residents.

The particular difficulties for those trying to survive on low wages and benefits while confronted with the maze that is accessing desperately needed services are denying many residents even a basic quality of life. With the cost of living crisis and fuel poverty on the horizon it is more important than ever that we have strong local voices from those representing us to truly hold Lambeth Council to account.

Dzaier is the Equality and Diversity Officer on the Green Party’s Executive Committee and as your Green councillor will ensure that issues of all residents are aired with social justice underpinning our agenda at all times.

Dzaier feels that the time is right for her to serve our community as an elected representative making sure that the views she hears on a day to day basis here are heard. Never one to shirk a difficult conversation or to offer less than 100% to a cause, Dzaier is an ideal candidate to be your voice for Myatt’s Fields on Lambeth Council.