Kim Thornton

Candidate for West Dulwich

Kim has lived in Lambeth for 24 years, the last 13 years in West Dulwich. She joined the Green Party a few years ago, having become increasingly concerned about the climate crisis. She believes sustainability needs to inform all local policy and we must take decisive action in the next decade.

She has a background in TV, working on history and arts documentaries. She has also worked in mental health and as a charity fundraiser. She is an exhibiting sculptor.

Kim is committed to creating vibrant neighbourhoods, where people are a short distance from work, from shops and from entertainment. She believes such neighbourhoods make for connected and thriving communities. To this end she has supported community amenities and regeneration initiatives. She was a trustee of Brixton Community Base for three years, fundraising to support community projects. She has also been an active member of the steering committee of West Norwood Feast, a monthly market aiming to boost the local economy.

In recent years, she has focussed on urban greening initiatives which improve air quality, prevent flash flooding and keep the area cooler in hot spells. She is a regular volunteer with Open Orchard, a local group, who plant community trees and maintain the garden at West Norwood Bus Garage.

She is standing so West Dulwich voters have an opportunity to prioritise a sustainable future.