Linda MIlls

Candidate for Oval

We still have the opportunity to turn the eco-crisis around if we act swiftly and collectively with everyone in society, locally, multi generationally and internationally.

The window of hope is still open and it is embedded in change on multi-faceted levels.

This includes everyday living in our communities and that’s where you will find me - on the ground, working in community projects. Whether I am elected or not I will continue to do this. Saving the planet means cleaning up our acts on every level.

Clean Energy: By working with large organisations like Hyde Housing or with individual households , we can harness the funding and initiatives for every household in Lambeth, such as solar and wind and others to create clean energy by 2006. It will also counter fuel poverty, reduce our bills, create jobs and bring the community together.

House Hold Repairs: By working with repair departments within the council and housing associations, we can make the system effective and waste less time. Efficiency in these basic ways saves the planet.

Bins & Litter: Let’s clean up Lambeth wards! All the bin system on local estates is chaotic and needs a re-vamp, whether more or fewer bins. The re-cycling has to be integrated with everyone, so they can see where tins and paper are recycled and how this is used.

Crime: Whether it’s corporate crime (tax avoidance or big polluters), our MP expenses scandals or local criminals driving the drug dealers in our communities; this all damages society and therefore the hope to save the planet. For the past 8 years I have been working with the local police panel groups to tackle the drug dealing crisis we have in Lambeth. This interweaves with good repairs of the bins, security doors, lighting and house hold repairs. If a community looks neglected this is an open invitation to drug dealers.