Shamin Nakalembe

Candidate For Gipsy Hill

Shamin graduated in 2012 as a civil engineer at Kingston University in London and started her career as a graduate engineer, working for some of the major firms in the construction industry including Vinci Construction and Farrans Construction. She was responsible for managing, coordinating, and overseeing subcontractors, providing quality assurance, and ensuring that they adhered to health and safety measures.

Shamin has lived on the Central Hill Estate for more than 14 years and over this time has become more concerned that things should be improved to ensure all generations in the area can have a more ecological and sustainable way of life, whilst also enlivening the community.

For the past year Shamin has really enjoyed volunteering with Gipsy Hill Green Party on issues affecting her community and she is looking forward to continuing this work with other Lambeth Green Councillors after the elections in May.

Shamin is appalled by the amount of fly-tipping in Gipsy Hill and wants to see significant improvements to the way that waste is managed. She wants to see an emphasis on reducing waste and reusing more of what is produced, so protecting our local environment and reducing our impact on the planet. Fly-tipping is a particular issue in the area and Shamin wants to work with residents and council officers to try some different solutions to eliminate this problem.

Utilising her experience in the construction industry, she will work to push developments in Lambeth to be of the highest build standards so that they require minimum energy to run, and she will work to change the council’s policies to ensure developers use sustainable materials so that they align with the council’s 2030 net zero ambition. She will prioritise high quality retrofitting of homes over the destructive estate demolitions currently planned in Lambeth.

Shamin will represent younger people and is impressed by the way the Green Party considers future generations in all its policies. She will continue to work tirelessly to improve the future for all residents in our area.