Tom Wood

Candidate For Brixton Windrush

Tom has lived in Lambeth for nearly 30 years.

Tom was a government lawyer for 25 years before leaving to make a film about the blacklisting of Trade Union activists in the construction industry (which you can find here). Since then he has been involved in various political and environmental campaigns including Guinness Trust evictions.

“I’m standing because Lambeth Council needs more scrutiny. With 57 Labour councillors out of 63, and a highly centralised cabinet system of government, decisions are made by a tiny number of people at the centre of Lambeth Labour Party then nodded through by a docile but overwhelming majority. This is the system that has given us Homes for Lambeth, which promised 1000 homes at council rent in 4 years but in fact delivered 17, all the while spending £9 million on salaries.”

Tom Wood

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