Torla Evans

Candidate for Knights Hill

Torla Evans, originally from Cardiff, is standing in the Knights Hill ward in West Norwood where she has lived for the past 12 years . Torla joined the Green Party 4 years ago.

Having retired from running a busy photographic studio in the museums sector, Torla has become very involved in her local community in West Norwood. She volunteers with Norwood and Brixton Foodbank , gardens with Open Orchard and the Bzz garage and is an active member of her local Palestine Solidarity Campaign as well as a member of Green Party B.D.S. group.

Torla believes in standing up for those suffering human rights abuse, both locally and internationally. She has campaigned for local groups such as 'Refurbish don't demolish', is active on behalf of housing campaigns and is trying to bring attention to the hollow promises of Lambeth council with regard to the climate emergency.

She campaigned hard against Southwark Metals moving to a small cul de sac in West Norwood and is keen to bring more democracy to Lambeth council by collecting signatures for the Lambeth Referendum Campaign to change Lambeth's undemocratic Cabinet system.