Excessive Use of Bailiffs In Council Tax Cases Remains A Huge Problem In Lambeth

11 December 2017

For the third time in three years, Lambeth Greens have asked Lambeth Council to stop their excessive use of bailiffs against the council’s residents.

Green Party calls for full, transparent consultation over Brockwell Park festivals

07 December 2017

Following reports that Brockwell Park will be used as the venue for both Field Day and Love Box festivals in 2018, the Green Party has called on Lambeth Council to extend the consultation period, understood to be ending on December 10th, in order to give locals time to have a say in the process.

Lambeth Greens Demand Action On Delayed Brixton Low Emission Bus Zone

24 November 2017

Lambeth Green Party are demanding answers of Sadiq Khan and the GLA after the Brixton low emission bus zone was not launched in October as promised, with no further public announcements made on its fate.

Lambeth The Second Worst Borough In London For Air Pollution

14 November 2017

A recent report from the Mayor of London’s office shows that Lambeth Council is the second worst borough in London for air pollution, failing on all four of its monitored objectives.

Greens call on Mayor to rethink police station closures

07 November 2017

Co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley has condemned the Mayor of London’s consultation on police base closures as a ‘sham’ – after the decision was announced before the results of the consultation.

New Release: Greens demand Lambeth Council do more to protect school children from poisonous air

03 November 2017

Following new guidance issued by the National Education Union and the British Lung Foundation, The Green Party has renewed calls on Lambeth Council to do more to protect the borough’s children from the harm caused by air pollution.

Lambeth Labour Bow To Green Pressure To Support EU Freedom of Movement

01 November 2017

At the Lambeth Council meeting on 18th October, Lambeth Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie successfully forced an amendment to Labour’s motion to protect the rights of existing EU nationals, extending it to support overall freedom of movement.

Lambeth's Fake news: Green Councillor Hits Out at Council’s £3 million PR Spree

18 October 2017

Lambeth Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie has criticised Lambeth Council’s decision to spend £3 million on their internal PR agency Lambeth Communications [1], calling their decision “shocking” and “a slap in the face for all residents”.

Green Councillor To Speak Out For Freedom of Movement For Lambeth’s EU Residents at Council Meeting

13 October 2017

In a direct challenge to Labour-led Lambeth Council Green Councillor Scott Ainslie has tabled an amendment which would commit the council to fight for Freedom of Movement for Lambeth’s EU nationals.

Our Response to Lambeth's Consultation on their Council Tax Support Scheme

01 September 2017

Read our response to the Council Tax Support Scheme consultation, which can be found here on Lambeth Council's website. If you agree with any of the points we have raised, feel free to adapt our response to make your own submission. The consultation closes on Sunday 3rd September at 12pm (noon).

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