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Council urged not to ditch ‘no evictions during pandemic’ pledge

Council urged not to ditch 'no evictions during pandemic' pledge

Green councillors are urging Lambeth Council to keep its promise not to evict anyone during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The call follows last night’s meeting of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee during which a council officer said the policy would be “reviewed”. (1)

The commitment not to pursue any evictions for the duration of the pandemic was made following a suggestion by Green councillors to council officers in March, as well as Government guidance.

However, when asked by Green Party councillor Jonathan Bartley last night for confirmation that the ban on evictions would stay in place, council officers said that as the policy was based on Government guidance and no one knew how long the pandemic would last, the policy would be looked at again.

This appeared to be confirmed by the deputy leader of the council was also present.

Green councillors have tabled a motion for the next council meeting urging for the “no evictions” policy to be made permanent.

Green Party councillor Jonathan Bartley said: “A change in Government guidance or a “review” of the policy should be no excuse to backtrack on the commitment that the Council has made.

“With increasing unemployment, the huge rise in foodbank use and with black and minority ethnic communities being hit particularly hard the no eviction policy should stay not just for the duration of the pandemic but for as long as Lambeth residents are experiencing hardship."


(1) The meeting can be viewed here:  The question is asked at 2 hrs 2mins and 30 secs.  The answer is given at 2hrs 6 mins.

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