Green Councillors keep pressure on Lambeth’s Labour Cabinet in Historic Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Greens Keep Pressure On Council To Compensate Victims and Survivors of Child Sex Abuse in Lambeth

Lambeth Councillors Nicole Griffiths and Scott Ainslie have participated in the Children’s Services Scrutiny, attended the Corporate Parenting Committee and Cabinet to discuss the council’s plan in response to the recommendations proposed by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse in Lambeth.

Councillor Scott Ainslie, who has consistently been a strong and trusted advocate for the survivors said:

“I am determined that we compensate all of those who Lambeth put in harm’s way and do everything to ensure it can’t happen again.

To fulfil our safeguarding responsibilities, the green group will continue to ask the awkward questions. It is essential. It is what didn’t happen in the past. Consistent cover  up is what enabled the abuse to go on, year after year, decade after decade.

The elephant in the room is that the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association, who the council concerned landed for exposing the true scale and horror over decades of abuse in Lambeth’s children’s homes and how forced the council to apologise and atone for the neglect, is notably missing from the body of organisations asked to review this action plan.”

Councillor Scott Ainslie’s speech at Lambeth Council’s Cabinet Meeting was reported by Brixton Buzz.



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