PRESS RELEASE: Scott Ainslie, Long Serving Activist and Politician, Selected for Green Party Breakthrough in Streatham and Croydon North

Thursday, 23 May 2024

The Green Party has revealed that their Lambeth Leader Scott Ainslie will be the Green parliamentary candidate in the new seat of Streatham and Croydon North. 

Scott has been serving as a Green Party councillor in Lambeth for ten years, and was also recently elected as one of the last serving London MEPs in the European Parliament [1].

The party had a vote share of 22% in the most recent local Lambeth elections in 2022, and Scott is currently polling in second place in this brand new constituency according to the latest General Election poll of polls published by Electoral Calculus [2].

A Streatham resident for over twenty-seven years, Scott has also been involved in a wide array of local campaigns, being one of the founding members of Streatham Action Transport Group whilst serving on the wider Streatham Action committee. He has also occupied vulnerable council resident’s homes to prevent bailiffs from evicting them, founded Sustainable Streatham and Hands Off Our Common to prevent Streatham Common being occupied by a temporary ice-rink to accommodate the Tesco development, and also acted as an ally to survivors of child abuse in Lambeth’s care homes [3]. 

He also successfully worked cross-party to pass a landmark motion on colonial enslavement [4]. This led to the Green Party becoming the first British political party to commit to reparatory justice and helped to lead towards the establishment of the first ever all-party parliamentary group on Afrikan Reparations.

Scott Ainslie said: All the other parties have had their chances and failed to end child poverty, to insulate people’s homes so they do not have to choose between heating and eating, to protect and invest in our public services, to protect our food crops and planet. It’s time they moved over and gave the Green Party a chance.

We understand, at our core, that there must be equality and justice for all, and that economic, racial, social, gender and climate justice are all structurally entangled.

I have two daughters and my concerns for their future have always been a driving force behind my campaigns for climate action. 

My mum also brought my sister and I up in a council tower block. The lived experience of this has never left us. It is this humblest of starts in life which drives my quest for a fairer, more equitable country for all.”

For more information contact: Pete Johnson, 07712 826548.



[2] – Type in a postcode it gives the predicted votes for that seat



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